English private tours

Louvre Museum

This tour is no more provided because of sad and bad conditions of visit. I can suggest other museums in Paris and surroundings with amazing art and education.

  • 2 hours private guided tour
  • 69€ per person – entrance tickets not included
  • 210€ for a group – 15 persons max – entrance tickets non included
  • Tour conducted in French or English or Spanish

Tailor made visit of a selection of masterpieces of the Louvre.

Louvre masterpieces showing in front of the museum pyramid.

On our way to Mona Lisa, first experience or for repeaters, I will select and comment the most famous pieces of art or my secretly loved hidden little treasures.

From Sully wing, we will discover the medieval moats, the Sphinx of Tanis, The Venus de Milo; Winged Victory; Coronation of Napoleon 1st; Liberty leading the people and many others …..

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